Book Journal horrible histories even more terrible tudors.

This week the book which I have read is called Horrible Histories Even More Terrible Tudors this is the continuation of the previous book Horrible Histories Terrible Tudors which I have also made a Book Journal  about. But enough with this talking now let’s talk about the book.

This book was really enjoyable just like the previous Terrible Tudors book. I was really fun to read about this book because of all the interesting and gruesome facts but one my my favourite parts of the book was when they showed you (by giving you a recipe) how to make Jumbles which are biscuits. Knotted Biscuits, but then when they finished explaining how to make them they had a drawn version of a jumble and it king of looked like 2 pretzels stuck to each other, which actually doesn’t sound that bad.

A really interesting fact in this book which I had to mention is that ‘Aprons were quite a new idea in Tudor times.’ Apparently you could tell the ocupation of a man from the design of their apron  the Millers and Cooks wore a white apron; the Barbers wore a checkered apron and finally the Builders and Blacksmiths wore a leather apron. In my opinion I prefer the white apron as I like cooking.

This was a really good book so I am going to rate it a 4/5. This rating is lower than the one I gave the first terrible tudors book because I think the other book had the more interesting content but this was still a really good book and I would recommend it to everyone.

The Terrible Tudors (book review)

This week I have read Horrible Histories The Terrible Tudors this book is just like all the other Horrible Histories books it is goory and also has cool , interesting and also disgusting facts and this is also about the terrible Tudors. Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Lady Jane Grey, Mary I (Mary Tudor) and Elizabeth I which I find fascinating.

One of my favourite chapters in this book is the chapter Terrible Tudor Schools this chapter is all about the schools in Tudor times and about what they looked like and my favourite part the stupid rules in their schools one being ‘ No scholar shall wear a dagger or any other weapon. They shall not bring to school any stick or bat, only their meat knife’ when I first read this I was thinking they say to not bring weapons and then their told to bring a knife to school for gods sake that is a weapon.

Another thing which this book has is DIY’s one being how to make a pen out of a goose quill, and it gives you very precise instructions.

I really liked reading this book and when I first got it I knew it would be interesting as the Tudors are quite fascinating. In my reading scale I would rate this a 4.2/5 which is really good for a non-fiction book as I normally don’t like or read non-fiction books but this project might have changed that.

Perfect Paragraph Badge Attempt

Dear Mr McKellen, 

Hello my name is Joao Tiago Silva Azevedo but you can call me Tiago. I am a huge fan of your work, especially when you starred in The Lord Of The Rings. Mr McKellen I am still amazed how you went from being a kid in Burnley to this actor who is known worldwide. To be truthful you are my favourite actor.


This term i have been reading a wonderful book which goes
by the name of ‘The 5 Children On The Western front’ by
Kate Saunders. When I was picking my book to read I saw this
and just from the front cover I already had an idea of what
the book would of been about it was based on WW1 or WW2.

As I alway do when I find a book I read the first chapter. I
was amazed just from the first paragraph I almost cried ,
That was when my adventure started. When I told my sister about this
book she said did you know that Kate Saunders apparently wouldn’t of
wrote this book if her son didn’t commit suicide.

The characters as i went through the story became more and more
interesting the 5 Children (The main Characters) are called
Cyril,Anthea,Robert,Jane,Hilary and the funniest of all lamb she was
named this for the reason that the first ever word se said was baa . In my
own opinion my favourite character out of the bunch is Cyril as he is
really interesting in this book as he is the oldest.

Another positive thing from this book as i can’t think of any negatives is
that Kate Saunders did an extremely good job showing us the impact of
the war as in the book she talks aboutFood shortages, lawns turned into
potato fields, young girls driving ambulances in London and in France,
life and death in the trenches are all there this is how you know Kate
Saunders did her research to make sure all she said was true

The 5 Children On The Western Front is now one of my favourite books of
all time I a scale of 1 to 5 I would definitely rate it a 4.8 this is because Kate
Saunders did an extremely good job with this and I gave it 0.5 higher
rating as i love WW1 and WW2 books well done Kate Saunders this is an
amazing book would recommend to others.


The Revenge

I am still terrified,amazed and confused with what has happened this summer. It is really hard to explain because this experience still scars me today. Even though I forgot some details, I will still try to tell toy my story.

It all started on the 27 July. It was a normal summers day.Brian (my friend) and I were playing football. I was taking the penalties and Brian was in-goal . We weren’t surprised that the park was full of people as families were having their picnics and other kids were just playing about. It was a nice day in the park.

The clock finally hit 4 which meant unfortunately Brian had to go home. Due to the fact that Brian went home, I just went back to my house .I arrived . Home Sweet Home. I’ve always loved my house I thought it was the perfect house. The kitchen was always full of my favourite snacks and my bedroom, well I loved my bedroom. It had my TV; My posters;My console and the most important aspect of a bedroom, my bed. My bed was lovely to sit on and to lay on it wasn’t just my bed it was also my couch.

As I always do on a summer’s day when I’m not travelling , abroad or playing with my friends. I turn on my Xbox and play a variety of my favourite video games. The thing with me is that when I play video games I’m I another world . First I was playing football then I was an assassin , that is why I love video games and so do most of mt friends(Brian included). But I suddenly was interrupted.

My sister comes into my room and warned me ” Tiago I am going to my friend’s house OK, be careful” so then I respond ” OK Bye”She then walks away . Straight after I just went back to my virtual world. Suddenly I take off my headphones which led to me hearing my front door open and close and also a weird extra terrestrial sounding noise, But I make nothing of it and I just go back to playing video games like nothing happened. It was probably that I was already scared to death or I was more interested in the game as I was playing an adventure game.

As I am a curios person sometimes I think too curios. I walk out my bedroom to suddenly see … nothing. I was confused . I made my way through the hallway to my kitchen where I caught a glimpse at a can of Pringle’s. My favourite . As I am a greedy kid sometimes, I take the whole can and run back to my room in laughter.

10 minutes later I hear the same exact noise from before but now coming from my parent’s room(which is right next to mine). So as I said  I am a curios boy. So i got up my bed;go to my door and open It. As I slowly walked towards my parent’s room my heart started beating fast and faster it felt like my heart was going to explode but nothing was there…

Suddenly a mysterious creature jumps on me and starts scratching my face;Chewing my face and ripping my skin off. I kept screaming and screaming I also start to move around and that was when I hit a table with a TV on top which falls on top of the creature. Most of my vision went slightly blurry but I manage to get my phone out of my pocket and call 999 and I say “I need an ambulance now I’m bleeding out”. I try to keep straight and that was when I hear the paramedics come into the house and that was when I completely blacked out.

Its been 6 months but nowadays every single time I look into the mirror I think I am looking straight at the devil, I’ve lost everything my friends the rest of my family but if it wasn’t for my mother, father and sister I would have probably had taken my life already.


THE REVENGE (HWK4-Long Term Project)

Setting:for my mystery story I will be making my main setting my house I choose this as I know my house really well due to the fact that I have live in this house for about 3 years.

Opening: I will open my story in the park in front of my house and I will be joined by my good friend Brian we will start by playing football but then I will end the opening paragraph with me going back to my house.

Fiction Trigger: I will hear my front door open and close but also something scratch the door I will say it made an extraterrestrial noise but I wont tell them what it is this will make my reader think I am dealing with an alien but in fact my dead dog.

Development: I will start a 2 to 3 paragraph development which will include high amounts of description and I will also try my best to pace my writing as best as possible I will be playing video games and going to the kitchen during in the 3 paragraphs to make it more friendly of an environment.

Climax:I hear something walking up and go into my closet so I get of my chair and slowly walk to the closet and I will add a dramatic feeling. I open the closet and my old dog jumps on me and completely destroys my face in the way I hit my table which has my tv on top, my tv falls and hits the dog in the head this somehow killed him i get the phone and call 999 and ask for an ambulance(put … at end of paragraph)

Conclusion:back to present day and i say ‘nowadays every single time i look into the mirror i think i am looking straight at the devil, ive lost everything my friends the rest of my family but if it wasnt for my mother, father and sister I would have probably had taken my life already.


Book Journal (HWK3)

The book which I have  read this half term is called ‘Ratburger’ by David Walliams it is about a young girl which looses her mother and her father later on losses his job . This girl own a hamster which one day sadly passed away . This part of the book I can relate to as when I was younger I had a hamster which died and it was quite tough recovering from it ,because the girl is so sad one day she found a cute rat which she took to school as her stepmother would prabably kill it . She didn’t really have any friends but she was friends with the owner of the sweet shop near her school . That is all I am going to tell you because I don’t want to ruin the book for you but in my own opinion this is now one of my favourite books and for that reason I will rate this book a 4.7/5 which is pretty high In my standards. The next book which I am going to read next will probably be another David Walliams book or I might become e a bit more adventurous and find a completely new series of books.

What sort of person is Felix?

This is my essay which I worked on for a whole term. This essay is all about the book which we have read as a class Once. The question for this essay is What Sort of Person is Felix? Felix is the main character of the book Once . I hope you like the points and the evidence which I state to backup my answer.

Felix had a good upbringing in the book  because his parents were bookshop owners and he read a lot of books throughout his childhood and his parents owning a bookshop really helped him start his reading. His parents took him to a Catholic orphanage just to keep him safe because they knew that the nazis would kill him as he is a Jew. We know that he used to live in the bookshop as when he goes back to his town he says “I’m home “he is talking about the bookshop.

Felix has good communication skills as in the beginning of the book(in the orphanage)he sees that the bullies are bullying this new boy so he becomes a hero and tells the bullies this wild story of how the parents of the new of the new kid died(he made the story up)he says “A horse crushed his parents” In addition he reads a lot of books and also his dad taught him that when he learnt a new word to use it alot and use it correctly,this really helps.

Felix uses his imagination creatively as he is always making stories up around what is happening and he reads creative books especially by an author who goes by the name of William one of the stories goes like the following “Once a boy called William lived in a castle in the mountains and had a magic carrot and If he held it correctly he was granted 3 wishes” This shows you how creative he is.

Felix is also a nice friend as he shared the bread he was given with Zelda and also shared hos bottle of water with Zelda , this shows us that Felix shares with people and is not a selfish person. He also is naive as be told the Nazi officer about 2 german soldiers helping mend a windmill he narrates this in pg 101 ” Reach a remote African village and help mend a,um,windmill” This quotation refers to Felix being naive as Felix only knows 2 things about Germany,that apparently Germany is flat and that they have a lot of windmills. This is a very childish thing to say,also to backup my point he shows he is very naive in the first chapters of the book. At this part of the book Barney is drilling a Nazi officer’s tooth. During the quotation Felix stutters as he did not know a lot about Germany so he only used the things he heard about Germany.

Overall I think that Felix is a very Creative boy and naive he also has really good Communication skills this is in my opinion because of the evidence from the book and this is all because of his upbringing and his love of books. In addition I think he is also quite a normal child because of his friends and his strong friendship with zelda.

Hwk4~Writing at length~8th February 20

My dad once told me that one day a really long time ago when I was like 2 or 3. It started on a normal day after nursery, my mum told me to stay in my dad’s bar (which he does not own now )
I loved this because I always got free drinks but that one day I only asked for soft drink (fizzy drinks) which wasnt a good decision as after drinking 2 cans of coca cola i had a sugar rush,I kept on running back and forth in the bar,my dad warned me to stop because I could get hurt but I didnt listen so I kept on running and running until suddenly I fell and had a massaive cut on my forhead so I had to get sticthes and I still have the scar today.My dad told me this story as I never really knew how I got the scar,there is a possitive because when I wear my glasses and you can see my scar I kind of look like harry potter?

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